Hold My Heart | Herbal Tincture | for Grief & Mood Support

Hold My Heart | Herbal Tincture | for Grief & Mood Support

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Hold my Heart - an herbal tincture for grief, heartbreak, mood support, and holding ourselves through difficult times.

A tincture for standing strong and finding peace within ourselselves, for gentleness and openness, for feeling of safety and protection. To help us keep fighting and healing in our own pace. For days when you need motivation and a little extra support. For letting you sit with your feelings and experience them, without letting them take over completely. For clear perspective and hope. 

Hold My Heart is glycerine based, and is alcohol, thc and cbd free. It’s packed with neurosupportive, adaptogenic, stress relieving and mood supportive herbs. These plants are typically associated with emotional healing, calming the heart, invoking openness, acceptance and peace. The herbs in this tincture have been carefully picked to work together synergistically and support our bodies + minds.

You can take a few drops of this herbal medicine under the tongue or mix with a drink - it is sweet and goes well with water, juice or herbal tea.

Product Information:

- 1 oz Herbal Glycerite Tincture 
- Comes in a frosted glass bottle 
- Glycerine based - alcohol free!
- CBD, THC & additive free 
- Handmade with love

Organic Ingredients:

Rhodiola - a neuroprotective herb commonly used for reducing stress, mood regulation, may help with exhaustion, fatigue and depressive moods
Saffron - a powerful ancient herb that helps boost brain function, promotes mood stability, and works wonderfully combined w Rhodiola
Passionflower - boosts the level of GABA in your brain, helping you relax and sleep better
Skullcap - a wonderful herb for coping with long term or chronic stress, as well as managing pain and muscle tension
Motherwort - a protective and motherly herb, it encourages openness, acceptance and peace, and is helpful for sitting with grief and coping with change
Valerian - helps regulate mood and cope with stress, calms the nerves and together with Lemon Balm helps reduce hyperactivity and promote attention
Rose - a gentle flower that helps us tap into our innermost self, helps cope with trauma and grief
Lemon balm - used for centuries in folk medicine, lemon balm works wonders for reducing nervousness and physical manifestations of anxiety, promotes joy and helps support us through difficult times

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