Balance | Herbal Tea | Digestive Aid Blend
Balance | Herbal Tea | Digestive Aid Blend
Balance | Herbal Tea | Digestive Aid Blend
Balance | Herbal Tea | Digestive Aid Blend
Balance | Herbal Tea | Digestive Aid Blend

Balance | Herbal Tea | Digestive Aid Blend

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For thousands of years, people have turned to the world of flora for soothing against the upsets life throws our way, and what more common upset is there than an upset stomach? For this tea we picked herbs and flowers that have long histories as aids against indigestion and cramps.

Everyone deserves to feel a little balance, and with this it's just a tea-spoon away.

Balance comes in two options for size and packaging: a glass jar, or a large pouch. All packaging options are 100% plastic free which we are super pumped about! The glass jar is reusable and recyclable. The large pouch of loose tea is packaged in food-grade bags. The bags are made utilizing bio-plastics made from plants like corn, making them fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable! 

This product is organic, vegan, caffeine and additive free. Inspired by traditional holistic tea recipes, this makes a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who enjoys herbal teas.

Product Information:

- Glass Jar - approximately 20 grams of tea in a high quality 4 oz glass jar. 
- Large Pouch - 50 grams of tea in fully fully biodegradable packaging.
- 100% plastic free packaging

- Handmade and eco-friendly


This tea blend contains St. John’s Wort which has interactions with many common medications including anti-depressants and birth control. Consult with a doctor before use.

Organic Ingredients:

Chamomile - contains multiple compounds of bisabolol, used as a cramp reliever and soothing mechanism for the gastro-intestinal tract
Mullein - contains a high proportion of mucilage, a molecule that thickens membranes with soothing, cooling action that starts working as soon as it reaches your mouth
Lemongrass - an anti-inflammatory member of the mint family, containing saponins and flavonoids traditionally used as a mild diuretic, often to decrease bloating
Lemon Balm - an antibacterial member of the mint family, traditionally used as an aid against indigestion
Peppermint- a cooling herb traditionally used in teas to soothe the digestive system
Ginger Root - a root used for over 2,000 years to help digestion and soothing upset stomachs
St. John's Wort - an important flower in many herbalist practices, it's seen long usage as an aid against cramps


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