Star Light Night | Herbs, Decor & Candle Bundle | $70 Value

Star Light Night | Herbs, Decor & Candle Bundle | $70 Value

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Ever slept by starlight, or stayed up till daylight tracing constellations with pointed fingers? This bundle's all about creating a magical night like that, in the comfort of your home or out under the stars at night. There's a star-shaped glass tray you can use equally well to store keepsakes or as an ashtray. There's two t-light holders in the shapes of stars, as well as a pair of metallic earrings detailed like falling stars. Light your new, soothing herbal smokes, and even enjoy the blend, Time to Chill, in a loose blend inside a glass jar for you to use as you please.

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Included in the Bundle:

  • Two glass t-light holders in the shape of five-pointed stars, with two t-lights.
  • One glass tray ideal for jewelry, small trinkets, or keepsakes, in the shape of a five-pointed star.
  • Time to Chill (Soothing Blend) -  6 grams of our soothing herbal smoke blend in a reusable hexagonal glass jar. Read more about the blend here.
  • Time to Chill (Soothing Blend) - 10 herbal smokes of our soothing herbal smoke blend. Read more about the blend here.
  • Falling Stars earrings for pierced ears.


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