420 PWR! Preroll | Delta 8 THC Hemp | Rainbow Filter | Single or 4-Pack!
420 PWR! Preroll | Delta 8 THC Hemp | Rainbow Filter | Single or 4-Pack!

420 PWR! Preroll | Delta 8 THC Hemp | Rainbow Filter | Single or 4-Pack!

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With 260 mg CBD and 160 mg Delta 8  THC, this is the most potent preroll to ever hit the shop. Start slow with this one because it has a large amount of cannabinoids in one beautiful preroll - perfect for a full day of rest & self-care or a few hits here and there throughout the weekend. This smooth-burning preroll has a rainbow filter and is packed with the Delta 8 THC Haze strain. We know the hardest thing about rolling your own prerolls (besides rolling them) is to transport them without breaking your joint, and that's why the 420 PWR! Preroll comes packed in individual tubes for you to pop open and enjoy on the go - and yes, it's now available in four packs!

 Product Information:

- Made with Delta 8 THC HAZE flower

- Rolled in a smooth-burning preroll with a rainbow filter

- Available in individual tubes, or buy a pack of four!

- Approximate weight - 1 gram

- 260 mg CBD in each preroll

- 160 mg Delta 8 THC in each preroll

- Handmade and eco-friendly



With any product containing Delta 8 THC, we strongly advise that you use with caution especially when you are unfamiliar with your reaction to psychoactive substances, or trying Delta 8 THC products for the first time. Start by testing small amounts to see your reaction to the compound, and wait for 30 minutes before increasing your dose. Delta 8 THC is not as powerful in effect as the psychoactive component of recreational off-market weed, Delta 9 THC, but it does create a mild psychotropic effect, and this should be taken into consideration before consumption.


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