Be Kind | 10 Mango Flavor Herbal Prerolls | Fruit Preroll Up Collection

Be Kind | 10 Mango Flavor Herbal Prerolls | Fruit Preroll Up Collection

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Kindness unites all of our souls. It flows from nature to us, and back in a beautiful cycle. Kindness never exists in a vacuum. In fact, it's always shared amongst an ecosystem. We know abundance by its name and feel because of the communities we have built around us, and part of that community is the flora and fauna. Of the billions of growing plants on this planet we share, there are more than a few that have long been used to open our hearts and inspire kindness to take root where the soil looked stony before. 

 Mangoes are one of the sweetest signs of the season. Biting into one feels like summertime, but the taste of a ripe orange mango is not limited to what you can get from carts and markets - we can make mango-flavored prerolls, too. The herbs inside were chosen to be soothing, to inspire introspection, as well as opening up. We need our own comforts in order to give kindness to others, and herbalism shows us where to find that in abundance, growing in the earth. Lavender, rose, calendula - all soothing, all an invitation to softness, and motherwort mixed in to encourage processing and acceptance.

If you want this preroll to pack even more of a punch, we've got you - you can get your hands on a jar of these prerolls with an added 250 mg of Delta 8 THC per pack for that much more potency. Please note this option will only be available for shipping within the US.

As you share abundance, it flows to you freely. No matter if you share a mango, a story, or a preroll. Sharing is another way of saying - let's grow together, we're stronger that way than on our own.


Product Information:

- 10 Mango Flavor Herbal Prerolls

- Available in original herbal blend, or a blend including 250 mg Delta 8 THC per pack

- Packed in a reusable glass jar with screw-top lid

- Handmade and Eco-Friendly



Motherwort - a protective and motherly herb. It encourages openness, acceptance, and peace, helpful for sitting with and processing feelings.

Lavender - to soothe the body and mind, commonly associated with peace, happiness, and tranquility. 

Calendula - soothing flower that brings the warmth of the sun.

Rose - comfort for the heart and soul, helps us find our inner peace.

Chamomile - known as a potent unwinding tool for the end of a long day.


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