Be Present | 10 Grape Flavor Herbal Prerolls | Fruit Preroll Up Collection

Be Present | 10 Grape Flavor Herbal Prerolls | Fruit Preroll Up Collection

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Be in the moment, no matter how big or small. There's things worth noticing all around us. Hidden complexities, hidden details, and so many that we only wish we could remember a fraction, just enough to be able to close our eyes later, and slip back there. Working with herbs and among plants is a blessing as it causes us to expand our perceptions of our environment.

This preroll isn't just noteworthy for its delicious grape-flavor, it's full of herbs that encourage and inspire a grounded presence in your life. Sage is as grounding as it is protective, giving you space to take in your surroundings. Maybe you'll take the time to notice the sage in your garden, or the blue-flowered skullcap that spreads through the prairies and fields, another powerful herb inside this preroll that promotes peace as it helps you unwind.

If you want this preroll to pack even more of a punch, we've got you - you can get your hands on a jar of these prerolls with an added 250 mg of Delta 8 THC per pack for that much more potency. Please note this option will only be available for shipping within the US.

The more you listen to your body, the more you allow yourself to make it a space you feel safe in. The herbs in this preroll are curated to remind you to listen, to give you the space to be present with yourself and your surroundings.


Product Information:

- 10 Grape Flavor Herbal Prerolls

- Available in original herbal blend, or a blend including 250 mg Delta 8 THC per pack

- Packed in a reusable glass jar with screw-top lid

- Handmade and Eco-Friendly




Thyme - ancient aromatic herb for the soul, associated with strength and healing.

Holy Basil - grounding herb to help us untangle ourselves the stress of the daily life so that we can note our positive feelings.

Garden Sage - protective, aids in clarity. The smoke of this plant is not only cleansing, but is also incredibly grounding to inhale.

Lemon Balm - aromatic herb to boost awareness and soothe your soul

Skullcap - a potent herb for when you need to unwind after a long day


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