Eye Am Protected | Eye of Nazar | Essential Oil Spray for Protection

Eye Am Protected | Eye of Nazar | Essential Oil Spray for Protection

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This Eye of Nazar essential oil spray is something I have used in my personal practice on a daily basis for some time now. It's one of my most important tools, and I use it for lifting the evil eye, protecting my energy, and cleansing my space, and tools. The spray is skin-safe, and leaves behind a beautiful shimmer.

Uses: room spray, aromatic body spray, cleansing spray for tools, candles, sheets, etc.

What's Inside:

- Moon Water

- Rose Water

- Witch Hazel

- Lavender Essential Oil

- Lemongrass Essential Oil

- Patchouli Essential Oil

- Sandalwood Essential Oil

- Vanilla Bean Essential Oil

- Micah powder

- 7 Eye of Nazar Beads

- Clear Quartz


Product Information:

- All essential oils are 100% pure therapeautic-grade

- Contains micah powder for color and shimmer

- Useful for cleansing your space, person, or tools

- Handmade and eco-friendly


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