Winter Fire | Simmer Pot | Pine, Cinnamon, Citrus & Clove House Fragrance

Winter Fire | Simmer Pot | Pine, Cinnamon, Citrus & Clove House Fragrance

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After weeks of testing recipes we have created a dreamy Winter fragrance experience contained within a single bag - a simmering, bubbling fantasy of pine, citrus, and cinnamon. These simmer pots are incredibly aromatic, perfect for filling the home with a refreshing smell with the tiniest amount of effort!


Spring cleaning is a long ways away, and if you're like me, you're looking for ways to freshen up the atmosphere in your home while everything's shut tight for winter. I love seasonal scents, and putting together this simmer pot mix was comforting long before it even touched the boiling water. When this mixture of pine, orange, cranberries, clove and cinnamon is set to simmer, that warm, soothing fragrance travels far, filling the home and tempting you to just slow down, and bask in it.

Product Information:

- Approximately 1.5 oz bag of Winter Fire simmer pot mix
- Create a warm, winter scent in seconds!
- Use by bringing pot of water to boil, and pouring into it the contents of the bag. Make sure not to leaves any flames unintended, and to turn off before all the water evaporates to ensure easy cleanup
- Not intended for consumption
- Handmade with love







Pine - contains the terpene, pinene, that classic pine or "Christmas tree" scent that is so popular for its sharp, sweet notes.

Cinnamon - a warm-smelling spice with subtle fruity notes, these cinnamon sticks add a fullness to the simmer pot scent

Dried Orange Slices - a top note of rich citrus scent radiates from this simmer pot. Oranges give off a citrusy, warm smell reminiscent of summer

Dried Orange Peel - boiling dried orange peels creates a vibrant fragrance, refreshing and clean-smelling for its citrus notes

Dried Cranberries - sweet and fruity, with tangy undertones, it plays off the other scents in the pot subtly

Clove - a woodsy scent with sweet, spicy notes, clove puts off a fragrance that warms and livens up the atmosphere


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