Sliding Scale

Sono Herbs is an online herbal apothecary that strives to deliver affordable plant products to anyone seeking herbal soothing, tobacco cessation through herbalism and step downs from cannabis. We price all our products on the lower end of the market value to begin with, as we believe in accessibility and want people of all income levels to be able to partake in our products.

We believe in community with all our heart, and value kindness, generosity, communal prosperity and care. The weight of capitalism and systematic oppression can prevent people from being able to afford the full price of our products. Sono offers sliding scale pricing to any BIPOC, trans, immigrant or disabled people as a means of economic justice that reflects our anti-capitalist ideology.

Our sliding scale is an honor based system, which means that you get to decide what percentage of the price you are able to pay, and we will not request income information or proof of need from you. Simply browse our site and choose the products you feel like you can benefit from, and then go to the checkout page to see the total cost. Decide for yourself what percentage discount you need and then let us know what that is by using the form below, and we will get back to you with a sliding scale coupon within 24 hours. These coupons are single use and non-transferable, but you can submit multiple sliding scale requests in the future (within reason).

By implementing this payment option we are exercising trust in our community; if you are able to pay the full price of our products without it impacting your monthly budget please do so. If you can’t make a purchase on our site without worrying how it would affect you financially, know that our offerings are here for you, and we encourage you to use our sliding scale!

In order for this system work we depend on our community to care for each other, so if you are able to pay a little extra for our goods, we encourage you to do so by contributing to our Community Jar at checkout - a little goes a long way <3