420 PWR! Preroll
420 PWR! Preroll

420 PWR! Preroll

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With 260 mg CBD and 160 mg Delta 8  T H C  this is the most potent preroll to ever hit the shop. Start slow with this one because it has a large amount of cannabinoids in one beautiful preroll - perfect for a full day of rest & self-care or a few hits here and there throughout the weekend. This purple leaf print preroll is printed with organic soy ink, and has a shiny, classy filter tip.


Product Information:

- Made with Delta 8  T H C  HAZE flower

- Rolled in a purple leaf theme preroll, printed with organic soy ink

- Approximate weight - 1 gram

- 260 mg CBD in each preroll

- 160 mg Delta 8  T H C  in each preroll

- Handmade and eco-friendly


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