Hemp Flower | Bubba Kush | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | 3.5g / 7g

Hemp Flower | Bubba Kush | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | 3.5g / 7g

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Bubba Kush is premium hemp flower, earning its name from the dank aroma of kush and earth you’ll smell when you open the jar. Weighing in at 24% CBD/mg, this is a powerful unwinding tool, a sativa-leaning hybrid that gives you the same benefits as full-spectrum cannabis without the psychoactive effects. The flower buds are medium-sized and closely trimmed, packed in a reusable jar. Grind the CBD weed flower as finely as you like, mixing with herbs if you prefer, and smoke it in a joint, a blunt, a bowl, whatever feels right to you. Hemp flower is nature’s gift to us and it was made to be shared.

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Product Information:

  • Medium - approximately 3.5 grams in a 1.5 oz reusable hexagon jar
  • Large - approximately 7 grams in a 4 oz reusable hexagon jar 
  • 18% CBD
  • 0.3% total THC or less 
  • Contains the terpenes caryophylllene, linalool, and limonene to give it a sweet, hoppy scent
  • Reusable and recyclable packaging 
  • Handmade and eco-friendly


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