Metallic Heart Jewelry Box | Exclusive Smoke & Herb Bundle
Metallic Heart Jewelry Box | Exclusive Smoke & Herb Bundle

Metallic Heart Jewelry Box | Exclusive Smoke & Herb Bundle

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This heart is deep-set jewelry box made of a riveted metallic material, not unlike corrugated metal with a chrome-like finish. It seems impervious and cold, but the lid readily slides off to reveal a metallic interior. Of course we had to add in Have a Fun Time, our sensual aphrodisiac herbal smokes, along with a satchel full of a handful of rose petals and a satchel full of reverse flow incense cones with floral scents. We also put in a Valentine's Day exclusive - a Have a Fun Time preroll mixed with Delta 8 THC Hemp, and wrapped in dried rose petals. It's as tasty and psychoactive as it sounds, and is perfect for splitting with you and a special someone on that special occasion.


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  • The jewelry box described above
  • Have a Fun Time (Sensual Blend) -  pack of 10 herbal smokes. Read more about the blend here.
  • Rose Petal Have a Fun Time Preroll (Limited Delta 8 Edition) - Delta 8 Hemp & Herbs Aphrodisiac Smoke. Read more about the preroll here.
  • Satchel of red rose petals
  • Satchel of floral scented reverse flow incense cones



With any product containing Delta 8 THC, we strongly advise that you use with caution especially when you are unfamiliar with your reaction to psychoactive substances, or trying Delta 8 THC products for the first time. Start by testing small amounts to see your reaction to the compound, and wait for 30 minutes before increasing your dose. Delta 8 THC is not as powerful in effect as the psychoactive component of recreational off-market weed, Delta 9 THC, but it does create a mild psychotropic effect, and this should be taken into consideration before consumption.


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