Herbal Smokes

Herbal Smokes, Herbal Cigarettes, Herbs & Flowers Prerolls, Herb Tokes, Herb-Based Spliffs - whatever you want to call them, we will always keep them front and center in our shop. We make our herbal smoking blends with an intention in mind, and each preroll we engineer has a specific purpose, whether that's soothing or boosting your mood, or serving as a substitute or step-down from tobacco-based smokes or cannabis.


From day one of launching this herbal apothecary, we've kept herb-based cigarettes in stock. They were the first herbal goodies we rolled out with the shop, and they continue to be our most popular offering. People use our herbal smoking mixtures for a variety of reasons, whether it's the intention-focused application of herbalism that we crafted it for, or just to smoke something that is a step down, or better substitute to tobacco or cannabis.