Affiliate program

Are you a model, influencer or someone who social media loves? Do you want to receive free herbal cigarettes that utilize the healing properties of plants, all while getting paid? Do you want to work with an ethical, queer, and trans owned brand? Then the Sono Affiliate program is for you!

How it works:

- You'll sign up through our Affiliate Portal and input all the information listed in the application requirements 

- Receive a custom coupon link for 10% off for your friends, family and followers to use!

- We will send you a box of Sono herbal cigarettes to try. Post a picture with them on your account within 7 days of delivery and tag us!

- Share your custom affiliate link on social media and earn your commission!! You will automatically be credited 10% of sale affiliate commission for any order in which the code is entered. 

- The more people use your link to shop, the more you earn - remind your followers to check out Sono!

- Receive a weekly payout through Venmo bb💕

Application Requirements:

- Have 10k+ followers on a single platform

- Have consistent, real user engagement

Click here to sign up through our Affiliate Portal and input the following information under Profile and Payment Settings:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Shipping Address
  • Venmo Handle
  • Links to any social media you plan to use to promote

Reach out via DMs or email us at with your Preferred Code (your name/nickname + number 10, ex. LANA10 or lovebug10). Then we'll set your discount code up, and link it to your affiliate account. Now you'll be able to track your commissions in real time as customers use your referral code! Also let us know which one of the Sono Smokes Boxes you want to try plus any other second item excluding art or jewelry. We also have four tasty blends of herbal tea, and also CBD smokes!

We will get back to you ASAP!

*We ask that at least one item you pick be Sono Smokes unless you don’t smoke which is totally fine! Feel free to choose any second item from Sono Smokes, Loose Blends, Sono Teas or Add Ons sections (no art or resin items). If we are out of stock or are not available to send an item you will be notified!

Affiliate Tips:

- Some highlights of Sono as a business are that it’s ran by two queer trans artists, we use 100% sustainable packaging and a variety of recycled and biodegradable materials, and are based in Chicago, IL. Read more about us here.

- Sono Smokes are organic, have no tobacco, no nicotine or any chemicals or additives. We use herbs such as Mullein, Levander, Skullcap, Mint, etc.; the blends we offer are crafted using traditional herbal knowledge passed down for generations. All plants we work with have been known to have healing effects - such as soothing nerves, improving mood, or helping you sleep. Many use Sono Smokes for ritual or spiritual purposes. Read our FAQ here.

- We have 5 blends, each is crafted for a purpose:

  • Good Morning - Energy boost
  • Take it Easy - Calming effect
  • Enjoy your day! - Social smoke
  • Have a fun time - Aphrodisiac properties
  • Sweet Dreams - Sleep & lucid dreaming

- We have 4 tea blends, each with a distinct intention:

  • Productivity - Steady energy boost
  • Serenity - Relaxation aid
  • Immunity - Boosts the immune system
  • Tranquility - Promotes sleep

Check out our shop to pick your first box! 

- Feel free to include any of the info above in your promotional posts or just use it for your general information!

- Tag us on insta @sonoherbs so we can see your posts! Use #sonofriends so we can easily track our affiliate posts and reply to people’s questions on them - getting you more $!

Affiliate Agreements:

- Confirms to be of legal smoking age in local state/province.

- Agrees to post photos with the product within 7 days (or before an agreed upon deadline) upon receiving free products.

- Agrees to let Sono Herbs reuse any media you share with us using our products for marketing purposes, including our social media accounts, website and print.

- Agrees that Sono Herbs reserves the right to make changes to or suspend the affiliate program at any time - you will be notified well in advance and receive all payments due. 

- Consents to receive payouts via Venmo.

- By sending us an email with your personal information, you guarantee that you have read and agreed to the above-stated Affiliate Agreements.