Transparent Heart Jewelry Box | Exclusive Smoke & Herb Bundle
Transparent Heart Jewelry Box | Exclusive Smoke & Herb Bundle

Transparent Heart Jewelry Box | Exclusive Smoke & Herb Bundle

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Love involves transparency, and so does this beautiful bundle of herbal aphrodisiacs and smell-goods all contained within a heart tray made of glass with a square-tesselated pattern. This thick, glass-shaped heart is heavy, with a lid that sits neatly atop the bottom tray, which you could fill with anything from candy to jewelry. We also threw in a little heart-shaped mirror with a wooden frame for checking your look. Of course we had to add in our sensual aphrodisiac herbal smokes to this bundle, Have a Fun Time, along with a satchel full of a handful of rose petals and a satchel full of reverse flow incense cones.



    • The jewelry box described above
    • Have a Fun Time (Sensual Blend) -  pack of 10 herbal smokes. Read more about the blend here.
    • Satchel of red rose petals
    • Satchel of floral scented reverse flow incense cones
    • Heart-shaped hand mirror framed in a medium-stain wood
    • Two floral earrings for pierced ears



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