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COVID-19 Shipping Notice: USPS is experiencing delays due to the pandemic and increased demand. Please allow up to 5 additional business days for your order to be delivered. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please do not email us if you have been waiting for your order for less than 20 business days since the order date as anything under that is normal with our handling times + current USPS shipping delays. 

For our CBD FAQ, please click here.

Is there an age restriction?

You must be of legal smoking age to purchase Sono herbal cigarettes.

How fast will you ship out my order?
Please allow up to 2 business days for us to handle your order, as everything we sell is hand-made, packaged and managed by just two people working around the clock. As a handcrafted goods business, we work hard to make your orders as quickly as possible without sacrificing the dedication and love that goes into each package. 

If you haven’t received an email about your order status yet, then it hasn’t been shipped, but rest assured that the second that we process your order, a shipping confirmation email will be sent to the email provided at checkout, with tracking information included.

What are the domestic shipping options?
Standard shipping: USPS First Class Mail 
Estimated shipping time: 3-5 business days (not accounting for coronavirus delays)
Orders under $49: calculated at checkout 
Orders over $49: FREE

Expedited shipping: USPS Priority Mail 
Estimated shipping time: 1-3 business days (not accounting for coronavirus delays)
Calculated at checkout 

Please note, these are just estimated shipping times from USPS and your package is not guaranteed to arrive within that window. Tracking is included.

Do you ship internationally?
YES!! We ship worldwide, your rate will be calculated at checkout based on your location. We offer two international shipping options:
USPS First Class Package International 
Estimated shipping time: 7-21 business days 

USPS Priority Mail International 
Estimated shipping time: 6-10 business days 

UPS International Services
Estimated shipping time calculated at check out. 

Please note, these are just estimated shipping times and your package is not guaranteed to arrive within that window. Tracking not guaranteed beyond US border.

Please check the list of countries included in the USPS list of International Service Disruptions. If your location is on the list, please wait before placing your order and check back for availability:


We do not ship to Germany or Russia.

Sono is not responsible after proof of shipment. Customers are solely responsible for following local regulations regarding the products you purchase and are responsible for any customs charges.

Are your prices in USD?
We have a limited currency selection in our upper right corner for you to preview the prices in your native currency. Please note our checkout screen uses a third party processor and will display the prices in USD.

Do you accept returns or cancellations?
Sorry, but because our product is a consumable we cannot offer returns or cancellations. However if there is a problem with your order, please contact us at sonoherbs@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you out.

Sono Herbs is not responsible for delivery after proof of shipment. That responsibility is transferred to the shipping courier. If your package says delivered, but isn’t at your address, then please contact the post office that services your address and submit a mail search request before contacting us. USPS often marks the package as delivered before it actually happened, and it showed up on the next available delivery day. When this doesn’t happen, a mail search request usually turns it up, but please note that once we provide proof of shipment, our side of the transaction is finished. We can’t provide you any info that the tracking number in the shipping confirmation  email can’t provide you.

I would like to order but I am cautious about missing mail or mail theft, what should I do?

Please email us at sonoherbs@gmail.com to request Insurance, Registered Mail Service, or Signature at Delivery for an additional fee, or for us to advice you on the best shipping option. As shipping issues are out of our hands once the package is shipped we would love to make sure your delivery is as stress-free as possible. Please note the only way to get compensation for a package that has been sent out by us but not received by the customer is by insuring your package.

What does it mean when tracking says my order is in “pre-shipment”?

Pre-shipment is all the time between us printing your shipping label and the shipping courier scanning the package once it reaches their facility. This includes any time it takes us to prepare and pack your order before sending it out. Please note that USPS does not scan packages as soon as they receive them. Sometimes there is an additional wait before the package registers in their system.

What is an herbal cigarette?
It is a natural pre-roll containing flowers, herbs, and natural plant fibers. Our herbal cigarettes do not contain tobacco or nicotine, nor any additives. They are commonly smoked for enjoyment, as a sleep-aid or mood booster, or as an aid to quit smoking. Read flavor descriptions to pick a blend that suits your needs!

What kind of herbs do you use?
We make sure that our herbs are ethically sourced from small organic farmers. The herbs contain no chemical additives, and are sustainably produced. Our suppliers are based in North Carolina.

What are the papers made of?
We use cigarette papers made of unrefined paper containing a blend of unbleached plant fibers. They are vegan-friendly, contain no GMOs or chlorine, and are produced with windmill power.

Will herbal cigarettes help me quit smoking?
Nicotine addictions may seem impossible to overcome, but many people point to herbal cigarettes as a major tool to combat their addiction. During nicotine withdrawal, you can experience an intense desire to smoke. Herbal cigarettes provide a way to satisfy that urge, but with herbs that are natural and non-habit forming.

The herbs in the Enjoy Your Day blend were specifically chosen as better alternatives to tobacco and nicotine. Herbs like Catnip, Klip Dagga, and Mullein can bring you calm, and help to reduce and control the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It also contains Lobelia & Damiana, an herb that has been proven to interact with the same neurotransmitters in your brain as nicotine does, but without forming a habit.

Are herbal cigarettes addictive?
Sono's products contain zero addictive substances or chemicals.

Will Sono cigarettes get me high like cannabis?
No! However, there are noticeable effects. Read the description for each blend to find out its properties. Overall, people report a feeling of relaxation, serenity, and contentment. 

Do the cigarettes leave a smell behind?
We smoke them all the time, and it makes rooms smell like the ingrediente inside the cigarette. With flowers and herbs like rose, blue lotus, and spearmint, it's a pleasant smell.

Is the packaging discreet?
Yes! The only reference to what is inside our packages is the company name on the return address, Sono Herbs.

Are the herbs organic? Is it grown by small farmers?
Every herb and flower we have is organic, an essential quality for herbal blends. The use lf pesticide on herbal agriculture introduces poisons to the product which pass onto the consumer, but we source our flowers and herbs from small independent farmers with organic, sustainable practices.

Are herbal cigarettes safe?
So while no smoking is completely safe due to the inhalation of carbon monoxide and tar, our cigarettes contain zero nicotine, tobacco, or addictive chemicals. All of our ingredients are organically produced, and the tubes are 100% plant fibers. This is about as natural as you can get, and the ingredients we use have legitimate health benefits, as per research from multiple universities in the international academia.

I’m allergic to one of the ingredients you use, is there a risk of cross-contamination if I use a different product?

Yes, because we use the same equipment to prepare and process each blend. We make sure to clean all equipment and surfaces when switching blends, but for safety’s sake it should be assumed that there are trace amounts of every ingredient we use in each product.

Will you fulfill any requests written in "message to the seller' box?

Sono does not guarantee fulfilling special requests beyond what is stated in product descriptions. However, we really do care about you and will do our best to make your dreams come true. If you are ordering Sono as a gift - let us know if you’d like us to pass along a special message handwritten on a card. 

I sent an email but got no reply yet, what should I do?

Please review our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered here. We can take up to 3-5 business days to answer emails as we are a 2 person shop with no customer service team. If it has been a week since you sent your email and still haven’t gotten a reply, kindly send us a reminder - your email may not have gotten through to us the first time.