Be Refreshed | 10 Apple Flavor Herbal Prerolls | Fruit Preroll Up Collection

Be Refreshed | 10 Apple Flavor Herbal Prerolls | Fruit Preroll Up Collection

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I associate apples with abundance. They come in thousands of varieties, but the green apple is one that I grew up with. One of my favorite snacks, sweet and tart, it's refreshing in a summer like this - so we thought it would translate well to a preroll flavor. Once we got some apple-flavored papers, we picked herbs to capture that fresh feeling, including three herbs from the mint family: Peppermint, Lemon Balm, and Tulsi. Each cools and soothes us with each inhale, and gives you the boost you need to go about your day with freshness in your step. Gotu Kola and Calendula work in synergy to create a steady stream of energy flowing from the blend.

Most apples are still picked by hand, and you know every preroll sent out of this apothecary is made by hand, too. Ten of these sweeties come in a reusable glass jar

Take a bite of an apple, and feel the freshness rush through your body, invigorating like the first spring showers. You now catch yourself dancing under the rain.

Product Information:

- 10 Apple Flavor Herbal Prerolls

- Packed in a reusable glass jar with screw-top lid

- Handmade and Eco-Friendly



Lemon Balm - refreshing minty plant that’s soothing to the nerves

Calendula - soothing flower that brings the warmth of the sun

Tulsi/Holy Basil - mint family plant, great for support in high stress situations, helps provide mental clarity

Gotu Kola - helps maintain energy and stimulate cognitive functions

Peppermint - cooling, uplifting and energizing blend base; works synergetically with other herbs


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