At Sono we value the uniqueness of individuals and their experiences, and we want to make sure that no matter what kind of day you’re having, there’s something in our shop that’s packed with love and intention to make it a little better. We started this journey as an herbal apothecary in order to make the practical benefits of herbal medicine accessible to all. Front and center of our shop will always be our herbal smoking blends, and whether you use them to quit smoking, cleanse your energy, or simply relax, our intention-focused blends will meet your needs. That’s always been our specialty, but our shop has so much more to offer. We have great tasting medicinal teas that anyone can enjoy, and a selection of crystal and gemstone kits to ground and center your energy. We even have a section full of accessories to customize your smoke session, and brighten your day. Community goes hand in hand with what we do, so we’ll always keep space to share works of art from ourselves and other creators such as resin coasters and ashtrays, jewelry, and paintings.