What might be the actual reason behind feeling tired all the time?

If you think you are the only one struggling with feeling tired all the time, we can assure you it is more common than you think and there is a possibility you might even be struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) that affects 2.5% of the US adult population. The main symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include headaches, muscle and joint pain, inability to concentrate, insomnia and forgetfulness.  

It becomes apparent that stress is actually the main reason behind it, with its appalling effects on central nervous, and immune systems, resulting in functional changes that lead to fatigue and associated symptoms such as sleep disruption, cognitive impairment, and even pain. However, not every individual exposed to a stressor goes on to develop CFS, and it is therefore of critical importance to understand sources of individual differences and ways we can help ourselves with our energy levels. 

Research shows that people who suffer from several symptoms of chronic fatigue are also often struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And no two people will have the same experience with fatigue and symptoms can range in severity and are an unfortunately common cause of addictions. 

What makes establishing chronic fatigue caused by PTSD difficult, is that you might think that you didn't undergo any major stress events that should be causing that for you. But we might underestimate how many events and situations can actually cause PTSD, even if they have happened many years ago, such as unpleasant work or school situations, draining relationships, worrying about money etc. 

Once the adrenal system is overworked, exhaustion and excess cortisol levels in the bloodstream set in. This makes it difficult to relax and decompress after stressful episodes of PTSD and adrenal exhaustion can eventually lead to chronic fatigue that persists despite resting and actively trying to reduce stressors in your life.

Essentially, PTSD can make simple daily things, like studying for an exam or tidying your house, extremely stressful and there is no reason to feel guilty about not being as productive as you think you should be in those times. 

Natural herbal remedies in helping managing fatigue 

Feeling fatigue is unfortunately a common condition that has a profound impact on our daily life and natural herbal medicines are often preferred way in easing the symptoms to boost the immune system naturally, help with so much needed relaxation and provide support with required energy during those times, without the adverse side effects that can be causes by regular medicines. 

Holy basil
Holy basil (also known as tulsi) is one of the herbs for energy that we recommend given its stimulating properties and ability to increase endurance to help your mind and body cope and recover from stress. It can also reduce anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and introduce positive cognitive functioning.

Gotu kola
Gotu kola is a cerebral stimulant and a good choice for symptoms of mental fatigue, head trauma injuries, poor memory and irritability. Gotu kola nourishes nerve and brain cells helping with mental clarity. You can also combine that with tulsi basil for enhanced alertness and opening of the sensory perception.

Another herbs that could be good to include in your life to help with feeling fatigue is rosemary and peppermint due to their ability to help boost energy, mood, athletic performance, and alertness.

Here are some of the Sono products that are intended to help you with energy levels: 





We have to point out that fatigue is a complex issue, and no one solution works for everyone. Often multiple approaches are needed to help manage the symptoms. If you're considering the use of any remedies for fatigue, perhaps you should talk with your primary care provider first. 



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