Herbal aid for insomnia?

What we often overlook is the quality of the sleep and our dreams as well and how much of an effect it has on how rested we feel after the sleep session. Sometimes even when we manage to have a full night's sleep, we still somehow get up tired, drained and feeling unfulfilled. It seems like our dreams tend to affect the quality of our sleep a lot, and naturally if there are things that are bothering us, we will also be experiencing some of that in our dreams. So the goal would be to find a solution that not only helps us with falling asleep, but also improves the quality of our dreams. Quality sleep has been associated with better cognitive function and emotional health, sharper thinking, memory, and dealing with emotions. 

There is a greenish plant Mugwort that most people are familiar with as a weed that pops up in sidewalks and roadsides. It is commonly used for beer-making but it is also thought to prevent or treat health conditions, such as soothing anxiety or even help with healing  from traumas, seizures and drug overdoses. This plant has a strong calming nature and because of that is often associated with sleep and having a strong effect on dreams and even resulting in more controlled lucid dreaming, which can reduce the frequency or even prevent nightmares, which will drastically affect the quality of our sleep. Lucid dreaming is extremely powerful as during it, we know that we are not in the real world, so it gives us an opportunity to safely explore and deal with our fears without actually feeling threatened. 

CBD also has been known to influence both our daily activities, as well as our sleeping time. CBDs ability to regulate our sleep cycles impacts sleep quality, resulting in a more rejuvenating and balanced sleep experience, including entering the state of lucid dreaming.

Another long favoured natural herb for aiding sleep and sleep quality is blue lotus with its enchanting and unique abilities to induce relaxed sleepiness and intense, vivid dreams. If you struggle with insomnia and desire to improve the quality of your sleep, products with blue lotus consumed before bedtime can help you achieve a more restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep. It has natural sedative properties, which makes it a natural alternative to synthetic and highly addictive over the counter sleeping aids. 

Here at Sono, we have crafted a selection of bedtime blends, specifically designed to put your mind at ease and help you get quality rest, induce detailed dreams and lead you to lucid dreaming. 

Here is selection of products to help you with insomnia and restful quality sleep: 


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