Herbal smoking ritual to help you quit nicotine and tobacco

It is hard to get rid of the habit of smoking, especially for a daily smoker when cigarette smoking becomes part of daily routine. Multiple surveys show that long term smokers are more likely to choose to stop gradually as opposed to suddenly. Quitting suddenly implies relying on willpower alone, which research has shown is not likely to be successful. Studies over the past 25 years have shown that, out of 100 people trying to quit smoking abruptly, only about 5% will succeed for longer than six months and while some people can quit this way, at least 95% of people unfortunately can’t. It would make it much easier to stop smoking with external help of natural remedies that can gradually replace the habit with non-harmful substances instead. 

We smoke cigarettes a lot out of habit, in social situations, or especially when we feel stressed at work. In those moments, having a cigarette is a treat we all get used to and it is hard to give that up. 

Herbal cigarettes replace tobacco and nicotine by providing a familiar smoking ritual, but with herbs that are not harmful or addictive like nicotine cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are a great way to help you quit smoking and are widely used in the movie industry when the scenes require actors to smoke. It gives you a way to indulge in the same habit of smoking, whilst phasing out nicotine out of your system.  

Natural herbal smoking mixtures are made from a blend of natural herbs such as Lobelia, whose smoke is associated with satisfying nicotine cravings in a non-habit forming way, creating a similar effect as to the first inhale from tobacco-based smoking mixtures.

You will have the benefit of knowing that all the ingredients inside your smokes are tobacco and nicotine free, made out of organic natural herbs and are non-addictive. And with every herbal cigarette you will lower your intake of nicotine, to which tobacco cigarettes will seem less and less attractive.

A few other tips to help you on your nicotine quitting journey involves staying in a positive mindset, knowing that this process of quitting is genuinely very hard and requires a lot of energy and determination. Having herbal cigarettes at hand to smoke instead of a tobacco product will help out drastically, especially in social situations where people around you are smoking tobacco products and you feel the impulse to smoke one too.

Sono products to help you if you feel like quitting smoking 

Here is a selection of products, crafted to help you on the journey of quitting smoking: 






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