Natural ways to increase sex drive with herbal aphrodisiacs

Today we would like to help you discover natural ways to enhance sex drive with the use of herbal aphrodisiacs.  There are natural ways to increase sex drive that can be useful to people with low libido and anyone who would like to increase sex drive naturally. 

The introduction of the first pharmacologically approved remedy for impotence, Viagra in the 1990s still remains a popular option, however people are on the lookout for aphrodisiacs that arouses sexual desires naturally, mainly because of side effects associated with use of such medicines.

There are actually amazing herbal aphrodisiacs known and used  for centuries as natural sex boosters and in the right combination of herbs it can be a very strong and powerful natural way to increase sex drive. 

 There are natural aphrodisiacs for females and natural aphrodisiacs for men that can be taken to replace drugs for low libido, such as Bremelanotide, Bremelanotide, Viagra etc. 

A few herbs have shown to be effective in increasing sexuality and libido. For example, Blue Lotus and Damiana are two of Sonos most favourable herbs for natural ways to increase sex drive and can be used as natural sex drive boosters. 

Damiana has reputed aphrodisiac properties and is great for enhancing libido and is known for stimulating effects, which is used for arousing  testosterone levels and improving libido and is famously known as the natural Viagra. It also has strong mood-enhancing effects, euphoric and relaxing properties  Blue Lotus is similar in qualities, but is more known for its  subtle psychoactive effects and tranquillity and heightened awareness indusing qualities.

Two of our other favourite herbs to use to naturally increase sex drive is Saffron and Rose as those two herbs have naturally warm taste and mood boosting and even Euphoric

 qualities that when mixed together with damiana and blue lotus makes a perfect sensual herbal aphrodisiac for helping the ones struggling with low sex drive. 

Sono products to naturally increase sexual drive 

Sono has a selection of sensual natural herbal smokes that are intended to increase low sex drive, stimulate a sense of euphoria and provide a natural way to enhance sex drive. Here we have a selection of products with the best herbs for sex and natural sex boosters. 

HAVE A FUN TIME Sensual Blend Herbal Smokes 

This blend contains herbs known for being aphrodisiacs with calming and euphoric properties. Perfect for smoking before an intimate time with yourself or with partners, soothing and serene, leaves a feeling of fuzziness and serenity.

HAVE A FUN TIME Limited edition rose blunt Sensual Blend Herbal Smokes with Delta 8 THC Hemp 

This premium hemp smoke is rolled in an elegant rose petal cone. Stuffed with rich hemp flower, sticky with trichomes full of CBD, Delta 8, and a full spectrum of cannabinoids, it's mixed with our sensual Have a Fun Time blend to make a preroll crafted specifically for the most sensual of times

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