Sensual Pathways Of Damiana

This vividly yellow and sweet-smelling aromatic flower, known as damiana, is a woody plant transpiring in north-eastern Brazil, Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Texas. 

Damiana is said to treat a large variety of symptoms from diabetes to anxiety, but is strikingly renowned for assisting in enhancing sexual health. Due to its aphrodisiac nature, damiana is known for stimulating effects, which is used for arousing increased testosterone levels and improving libido and is famously known as the natural Viagra. 

Damianas famous aphrodisiac effects may be related to its high levels of flavonoids, which are phytochemical compounds present in many plants, fruits, vegetables, and leaves. Flavonoids possess a number of medicinal benefits, including anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,  and are known to affect the function of sex hormones. Due to the long history of damiana uses as an aphrodisiac, its extracts with tequila are even known for being used in Mexico as an euphoric sensual alcoholic elixir, known as a love potion. 

In the 19th century Damiana was often added to certain medicines and sexually improving medicinal properties of damiana are mentioned in multiple medical articles, for example there is a story of a man dating back to 1878, when after unsuccessfully trying other classic remedies, the patient has finally gained his normal sexual functionality after just one month of taking Damiana extract. It is also known that women who took damiana experienced more frequent orgasms, alongside other crucial health benefits. 

It comes as a no wonder that euphoric and relaxing properties of this sensational plant are truly unique as with most of health conditions, balanced sexual state is very difficult to achieve when our mind or body is under stress, thus stimulating properties of damiana can be a natural remedy and a potent enhancer in so many aspects of our wellbeing. 

How can you take Damiana

Damiana is available in many different forms, so you can choose which one works best for you. Some people prefer to take a sip of relaxing tea before bed, because of  damianas mild sedative and calming properties. 

There are also capsules and tinctures and our personal favourite - natural smokes with euphoric herbal blend for ultimate aphrodisiac elevation. 

It should be, of course, noted that when taking any kind of herbal remedy (including damiana), it's important that you consult with a doctor first so they can make sure there aren't any potential interactions with any medications you may currently take.

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