Sono’s Gift Guide This Holiday Season

Discovery unique and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones

For Your Special Someone:

Massage Candles

Indulge in the sensual experience of Sono's Massage Candles. The natural wax, butters, and oils create a pool of melting bliss that fills the room with the alluring scents of vanilla and sandalwood. Perfect for creating a seductive atmosphere, blow out the flame and pour the warm mixture for a massage, leaving your skin feeling pampered and nourished.

Have A Fun Time Blend

Elevate your intimate moments with the Have A Fun Time 10-pack Herbal Smokes. This blend, free from tobacco, cannabis, and additives, offers a calming and euphoric experience. Embrace the fuzzy serenity as you enjoy a smoke alone or share the experience with your partner.

For Your Family:

Herbal Teas

Nourish the well-being of your loved ones with Sono's Herbal Teas. Rooted in traditional herbalism, these intention-focused blends cater to various needs—calming, respiratory aid, productivity, and tranquility. It's an accessible and delightful way to harness the healing power of plants.

For Your Friends:

XL Sample Pack

Join in the fun with Sono's Staff Favorites XL Sample Pack. Indulge in the 15-pack Herbal Smokes featuring five distinct blends. Match the color of the blend names to your herbal cigarette filter for an enjoyable and personalized smoking experience. Explore and find your favorite blend with Sono Smokes.

Flower Power CBD Preroll

Unleash the power of Flower Power Hemp CBD Preroll, filled with a robust mix of cannabinoids. This full-spectrum hemp offers the perfect smoking sensation, ensuring a delightful experience for you and your friends.

For Yourself:

Winter’s Breath

Treat yourself to Sono's newest blend, Winter's Breath. Packed with plants known for muscle pain relief, immune system support, and relaxation, these herbal cigarettes feature a refreshing mint and clove aroma, reminiscent of the holiday season. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and enjoy the festive notes with each soothing puff.

Sweet Dreams Blend

Experience Sweet Dreams with Sono's Loose Blend Jar—an ideal bedtime blend crafted to ease the mind, induce vivid dreams, and potentially lead to lucid dreaming. Perfect for those dealing with insomnia or restlessness, it's a delightful smoke to unwind at the end of the day.

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